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On NPR, I was listening to a segment about a new compilation of non-fiction stories that ultimately defines the essence of “Black Cool”. The book is entitled Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness and it expounds on different accounts of that “swag” that black people seem to innately possess. One of authors wrote about his cousin, and how people seemed to surrender to his every move because he possessed this ambiance of unadulterated superiority. I, too, have a cousin that I incessantly emulate as the epitome of perfection. I have seen her this way since I was 5 years old, always wanting to follow her around grandma’s house when her family came to visit. When you’re young, 4 years is a large gap, and even though she was that much older than me, she seemed to include me in everything she did. When she started wearing glasses so she could see clearer, I started wearing my reading glasses just so I could look like her. When she would spend hours in the bathroom getting ready, I would try to do the same. When she started wearing chokers as a fashion statement, I went to the mall and bought one as well. I even took up the violin in 6th grade because that was the instrument that she had practiced. I can imagine how tiring it was to always have a tag along, someone who copies your every action. But at least I knew that I had a role model, someone I could try to be like as the arduous middle school years trucked on.

On April 1st, Megan and Ryan Hobson will have their first child, a beautiful baby girl. I’m quite positive that she will have a cousin that perpetually looks up to her, as I do Megan.

At Meg's baby shower 2 weeks ago

First onesie dress I made

Winter onesie dress I made

If you’re wondering how I made these onesie dresses, it was pretty simple. Here is a link to the blog I stole the idea from 🙂