Republica Dominicana

Hearing about Cam’s mission has always intrigued me. The Dominican Republic is such a foreign place; he would tell me of the drastic differences between here and there. This summer, Expedia had a screamin deal for the DR so we took the opportunity and went for it. The tickets were so cheap because it was hurricane season, but did we care? NOPE!

We stayed at a nice resort an hour outside the capitol (Santo Domingo) and did that kind of stuff for the first couple of days. The food was great and the humid heat was an adjustment for me. I’m pretty sure the moment I stepped off of the plane I felt drenched. Even after showering I still felt sweaty. Luckily, Hurricane Isaac didn’t roll in until 2 days into the trip, so we get to enjoy the beach and ocean.

Our last full day was reserved for visiting some families that Cam taught. Cam and I hopped into our little rental car and he tried to remember his way around the crazy streets. Everything is jam-packed and the drivers are psycho, so I already had a twinge of anxiety that morning (not to mention a stomach bug from drinking the water…) The first family we visited was amazing. They were so nice to me and joked around because I couldn’t understand a word they said. All I knew was “jugo de limon”… lemonade. She brought me some after I said it like rewarding a kid on acing his spelling test.

After our visit, we started driving to a town that was 30 minutes west. The rain started to pick up, the winds started to howl, and it was becoming impossible to see out the windshield. We decided we best turn around. We were just driving along, cautiously, and out of the corner of my eye I see a huge tree start teetering. In a half a second the tree came pummeling down and smashed the windshield on my side. I let out a scream, it rolled over the top of our car, and we drove in shock. What are the odds of a tree falling on us…WHILE DRIVING? One in a million–well we beat those odds. We should’ve bought a lottery ticket that day.

The scariest part wasn’t being hit by the tree. It was escaping from the car rental worker in the airport and yelling, “We bought the insurance!” as we passed through security. Yes: ripped contracts, dodging of an $800 repair, excess profanity, and sprinting was involved.


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