White V Neck vs Redbox

First off, I failed to bring my sewing machine as well as my electronic keyboard, so my husband told me I need to find a new hobby. He probably won’t be too excited to see how quickly I’ve taken up blogging. Two posts in one day? Hm.
Well I do have some news. My sister in law Ali left a great post a couple of days ago about how she carried around a pair of jeans in Gap, got to the cashier, found out thy weren’t on sale, and didn’t get them. Well, somewhat similarly, went to the Super Target (a good 1.5 miles away from the apartment) and spent at least an hour browsing. During that time, I held onto a white vee neck, debating the whole time whether or not to buy it. I even tried the dang thing on to help me make up my mind. Wanna hear the saddest part?
It was five dollars and I didn’t buy it.
Realizing how silly this was to have wasted so much time, I rushed out of the store and decided I’d rather spend my money on a redbox. As you can see, this was the wrong decision.



One thought on “White V Neck vs Redbox

  1. Ali Walker says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA maddi maddi maddi….never choose electronic things over clothes! You know this! I love you. You are so funny. blog more.

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