Omaha, Nebraska

I would like to break it down for you. Ne (neon) bra (brazier) ska (reggae-like music). Forget cornhusking and farmland: this place is a party! (And by party I mean one where you don’t know anybody and standing in the corner is your only resort.) On Monday evening, as my road trip fatigued legs hit the sizzling concrete in the apartment complex, where Cam and I will be staying at for the next two weeks, I instantly felt a humidity that I did not prepare myself for. I could feel each strand of hair on my head run screaming in all directions, leaving a frizzy, curly mop that I thought I’d left in the sixth grade.

As Cam goes out to sell each day, I feel inspired and motivated to do all things “wifey”. On Tuesday, I met him and the other sales guys for lunch, ran a couple of miles (which is nearly impossible in this humid heat), went to the Super Wal-Mart that is a stone’s throw from our apartment, and made dinner for everyone that night. Quite the accomplishment, I think. Wednesday was roughly the same, but I squeezed in some tanning time (which I’m currently paying for with a sunburn), and a nice long nap. Although Cam comes home exhausted at 10 pm and I could easily stay up another 5 hours (which makes me feel bad because he works so hard), I’m not ashamed to say that this is the life! Being a saleswife is more than I could ask for–CONSTANT me time. The only downfall about these apartments is no TV, and no internet…which is why I’m at the local McDonald’s taking advantage of their free wi-fi…and this I may be slightly ashamed of…

I’ve overstayed my welcome…


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