Class Schedule

MW: Accounting 202 12:45

TTH: Business 211 7:45, Textiles 10:15, Fashion Line 3:15

I am more than excited to be back in school. One semester off seems too long…especially in the wintertime when your husband is going to class all day. Business Fundamentals is a class that makes me nervous, but also makes me want to succeed. I sit in the very front because that was the only seat available when I walked in late on the first day of class and have since sat there every day.


The specimen I sit next to is one that smells like a mildew encrusted shower curtain who LOVES dissecting my laptop screen with his wiry glasses. To say the least, he makes me uncomfortable. The class is set up in tables that seats 4…kindergarteners. We are squished together with hardly any elbow room. The class starts at 7:45, and not even 10 minutes into the class, Specimen whips out a bag of Doritos Munchies and chows down. Good thing I’m not pregnant or I would have spewed all over the table.

So what do I do? Do I get to class early on Thursday and steal someone elses seat? Or do I come a little late and find a seat closest to the back (there are a few extra seats in the class). I know for a fact that the teacher is going to call me out after searching for me in the front and say something like, “Hey…you moved! Did you not like your neighbors?” Uhhh…TBD.


One thought on “specimen

  1. meganhobsonphoto says:

    haha can’t wait to hear what happens. love you mads.

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