I remember the feeling like it was yesterday–playing under those stadium lights, the crowd cheering, the adrenaline pumping. Flag football seemed to be my calling, my destiny, my duty for Centennial High School. Two years I played on the D-line. I was known to blitz like a mad-dog and even break noses. Regrettably, we lost both my Junior and Senior year and this was something I couldn’t live to tell my children. This semester, it was time to relive my dream, to fulfill my dream, to finally win a Championship. And it was up to the Chico Chavettes to do it.

Oh Kadi–the epitome of excellence. She had an arm that would give a shotgun a run for its bullets. She was our star, our MVP, our quarterback. Each game we arrived knowing we could count on her to run, dodge, and juke to the end zone. You probably can imagine our mass disappointment when we heard the following RIGHT before semi-finals…

So…I have a backpacking trip next week for my class…and I can’t miss.

WHAT?! The whole team–including our coaches–let out a overwhelming moan of grief as we realize that we are going to have to do this on our own. GOOD GLORY I’ve never been that nervous for our game–the one that would lead us to the Championship. Since we knew Kadi wouldn’t be there, we all had our hopes to the ground. There was an odd feeling amongst the group, but a humble one. We went out on the field and kept our defense alive (our greatest asset) and we kept them from scoring. By the end of the first half, we were both tied at 12 points, and finally the adrenaline starting pumping.

Second half, and we’re feeling okay. Amanda throws it to Tara right in the center and THERE SHE GOES! Touchdown! We manage to get the extra point and we are feeling good…until they get a dang touchdown. They go for two points for the win. I’m watching my girl like a hawk, no way will they catch this. They go for the throw AND MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WIN THE GAME!!!! How was it possible? Who knows. On to the Championship.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to participate in the glory of playing in that Championship game…under the stadium lights. I was excitedly on my way to Texas to visit my boy. As I’m sitting in the humid, Texas heat, I get a call from Amanda and hear the great news–CHICO CHAVETTES WIN! The Championship is ours! I even have a shirt to prove it! The diva finally fulfilled her dream.


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