Diva = Hobbit?

There has been a tragedy, a sort of debacle in the life of Madison Walker.

There is a time in a diva’s life where she realizes she is no longer a diva.

7:45 a.m. SNOOZE 8:00 a.m. SNOOZE 8:15 a.m. SNOOZE 8:30 a.m. SNOOZE 8:45 a.m. ROLL OUT OF BED 9:00 a.m. CLASS

This has been a recent routine ever since my fashion classes have ended. I remember at the beginning of the semester, I would wake up extra early just so that I could formulate the perfect outfit. I would arrive to my fashion merchandising class all prim and primped and I knew that I was the most fashionable in the class. This conclusion of mine was proven true as my Fashion Design teacher would call me up in front of the class and ask the students what kind of sleeves, silhouette, skirt, or collar I was wearing. Getting ready for the day was an activity I looked forward to, even the night before. I couldn’t wait to show the world what new outfit I could come up with. This morning in my Hobbit class, (yes, I’m in a class where we read the Hobbit and other various quests) I looked down at my appearance and realized I was looking very “hobbit-like” myself.

I had forgone the whole “getting ready” routine. Not a trace of makeup was seen on my tired face. A bun was found on the top of my head. A sweatshirt replaced the usual dress I’d wear. Glasses were worn instead of contact lenses. And worst of all, I haven’t shaved in weeks.

If you recall a previous post, I talked about waxing my underarms and showed a picture of Beyonce’s 5 o’clock shadow underarms. Let me just say that I’ve never needed that waxing more than I do now. Let me explain how this unshaven predicament came bout. About three weeks ago, I asked Cameron to come up to Rexburg for the night. He told me that the only way he would come was if I did “No-Shave November” with him. I agreed to it, connivingly thinking in my head that I would just wax instead of shave. It was Guitars Unplugged and I bought him a ticket. He comes prancing into the Hart Auditorium, doing his little dance when he sees me and we sit with McKay and Ali. It was an enjoyable night, and when he left, he made sure that I kept to my promise. “Yeah, yeah I’ll do it,” I said. He didn’t believe me, so I told him my plan. “You CAN’T wax. Maddi, you know what the deal was,” he said. I did give him my word, so on the first of November, a new sort of quest began. And this is why I look like a hobbit.


and here are my feet.

There has been a falling off, a loss of motivation. I am no longer the diva I once was. I no longer wear diamond enveloped jeans and bedazzled vests. What has happened to this diva? What will happen in the future? Please help.



2 thoughts on “Diva = Hobbit?

  1. Katie B! says:

    For Cameron’s sake…. SHAVE!

  2. Dad says:

    Madison Walker,

    That is the stupidest agreement I’ve ever heard. No shave November for a guy just makes him “rustic”. No shave November for a girl make her “very unattractive”. Maybe that is Cameron’s plan, to keep you from all of the hot guys in Rexburg. (Kind of desperate isn’t it Cameron?) I say, end this nonsense before you come to Boise for Thanksgiving… or we’ll either have a braiding party for both you and Cam or a waxing session.

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