Divas Don’t Do Finals.

I’m currently sitting on the floor in a secluded study room on the second floor of the library. My eyes are drooping to a close and my brain is on overload. The only thing saving me is Iron & Wine and my leopard print pillow that is cushioning my tailbone. I am only enrolled in two classes; how can finals week be this brutal? Probably because there are two exams for each class that I am in; I’m halfway done but of course I saved my most difficult ones for last. I may just be the very best at procrastinating schoolwork, which is why I am doing anything but studying. While I was making my way to the library this morning, I received numerous looks of bewilderment. The reason being: I was carrying a pillow, a half gallon of milk, a box of organic cereal, and my Bratz Doll packpack. In a world of divas, this would be an absolute normal sighting, occurring every morning. But here at BYU-Idaho, I was belittled and scorned. Oh, the brutalities of finals week.

During the middle of this semester, I changed my major. Intentionally, I was going to end up being in the nursing program, have a set career, go on to medical school, become a dermatologist, and become the Walker Family’s most successful woman-doctor. Around February 18th, I changed my life plan. I am now majoring in Business Management, emphasis in Marketing, and minoring in Clothing Construction. Point-blank:

I love clothes.

If there is one thing that I love more than food, it is clothing. My small closet in my apartment looks as though it is puking blouses, scarves, jeans, and dresses. How did I accumulate so many things? Oh yeah…I don’t know how to say no to cute clothes! I truly am sorry, Mom and Dad, but now that I am not working at a clothing store I have less temptation. Anyway…as I think about my new major and the classes that I will be taking next semester, I am filled with excitement and satisfaction that finally I know what best fits me and what I’ll be the happiest doing. After I graduate, I will go on to FIDM for one year and get my Fashion Merchandising degree, resulting in the start of my own line. With my new switch, it has made me most unmotivated for my Anat & Phys class [the hardest class I have ever taken in my life]. It makes my father disappointed that I will not be the doctor in the family. Sorry Dad, but you saw this coming. Who do you think I got my creative brain from?

Well, it’s time to take one of my tests. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Divas Don’t Do Finals.

  1. Molly says:

    hahaha! Maddi! I miss you and your Divanesssss!!! If I saw you in the library like that! I’d be proud to yell out! “Dis ma friend! dis ma friend!!”

  2. Megan says:

    Maddi!! HAHAHA I love you! I would so love to see you carrying that stuff to the library. And I can’t wait until you start your own line I will be ALL OVER IT! You’re the best fashion diva ever. 🙂 I’m going to miss you this summer!!!
    Love you

  3. Mikaela says:

    Wow, that situation sounds ALL TOO FAMILIAR! 1. carrying a box of cereal to school, 2. carrying a pillow to school, and 3. getting looks from all the uptight, shade shirt-wearing, mom-jeans sporting, clean cut, bland, BYU-I-DO-ers! COME BACK TO BOISE!!!!!!! i miss you!!!! 🙂

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