Mic, Lights, Couch

Stage lights shining, large crowd cheering, excitement flowing: now that is the Diva Life.

On February 26th, I was sitting on a couch, on a stage, with a microphone. Our band was called the Couch Kids and we had been practicing for this night for 2 weeks. I knew I wanted to sing the song Skinny Love by Bon Iver because it’s been my favorite since last August. I knew I wanted it to be more than just me…I needed a guitarist. That’s where Zach Turner came in. He learned the song in 30 minutes and the first time we ran through the song sounded performance worthy. But it needed more, it needed some kind of beat, some kind of drum. Matt Cline saved our band with his electronic drum set that we practiced with in Zach’s apartment. Neighbors were drawn to our inveigling sound as we perfected our song. With reinforcing compliments from our viewers, we were confident in ourselves. We lugged our couch to our try out and absolutely nailed it, for we had made it to the first night of Guitars Unplugged.

It was 4 days before the show and the worst possible thing was occurring. My throat became sore, my chest became congested, and my sinuses filled up like a glass of milk. No no no. The first thing I did before work that day was buy a large jug of Simply Orange (with Mango) and started drinking. By the time work came around, I had already consumed half of that container! There are 7 servings in that container, and I had consumed enough for 3.5 people in one morning. By the end of my shift, my juice was completely gone. There was only one thing to do; buy another on my way home!

The next day at the library, I carried around this very 59 fl oz jug and drank it straight from the opening. I got many laughs, but this is what I had to do to get rid of my cold, and let me tell you. After 4 days of straight vitamin c and many prayers, I had endured the shortest cold that history has ever known.

I cannot describe the feeling I get when I’m onstage. It’s like nothing else matters, like I could care less if my car was being towed or if I had failed a massive Lab exam. When I’m onstage, I’m in my prime. I get into this mode of confidence, where I am the center of everything. As conceited as that sounds, it’s the truth…and I love it.

In order to make it to The Best of Guitars Unplugged which took place the very next night, you had to be the best. This time we had our doubts, but we didn’t need to because we made it for the next show. Here is what the next show felt like.

This was clearly the best night of my whole Rexburg experience.

This is what makes the diva life real life.


One thought on “Mic, Lights, Couch

  1. Mikaela says:

    MADS!!! YOu didn’t tell me you were performing at Guitars Unplugged!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl that is awesome!!!!!! I totally would have come down for it!
    You are FABULOUS! I miss you like crazy and can’t wait to see you this weekend!! 🙂 MWA xoxox

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